icons by downburst and tardious

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rules ♦ downburst tardious affiliates ♥
Credit is appreciated mainly so other people can find our stuff if they'd like, but we're not gonna hunt you down if you don't. We're too lazy for that shit, and frankly, we don't really care that much.
Comments, like credit, are very much appreciated but not necessary.
Don't edit our icons. You'll make them look like crap.

... unless you want to slap some penises on them or something. We're cool with that.
Hotlinking is for douchebags.
Don't whine about fanart usage. It's so old and boring and we have better things to do with our time.
Don't tell Tardy I'm hiding in her bushes.
Makes icons for a wide variety of fandoms, most of which can be found on her profile.
Likes eye-blindingly bright colors and grunge.

Primarily makes icons for the Tales of series.
Tardy doesn't have an icon style because she is a lazy homo.

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